About OSHO Afroz

OSHO Afroz is located on the south west coast of the Greek Island of Lesvos near the traditional village of Eressos. It is to be found hidden among the shady olive groves of the Psinia plain and is surrounded by impressive volcanic mountains.

Just 3 kilometers away lies the beach of Eressos, which is one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in the Aegean Archipelago. It is host to bars, tavernas, coffee shops, water sports, a small outdoor movie theater. Further along there are quieter areas for those who seek solitude or naked bathing. Along the coastline are a variety of beaches that can be accessed by hired scooter, car or even a short walk.

Meditation, inner harmony, dance, celebration and creativity are abundant in OSHO Afroz.
The Evening Meeting Meditation is held in the Buddha Groove – an open marble circle shaded by an ancient oak tree.

There are three meditation halls:
1) Gaia is a round traditionally built stone meditation room, with tipical architecture of Lesbos that can host up to 35 people.
2) Ouranos is a rectangular Lesvos stone-built group room that can host up to 45 people.
3) And Cosmos, our newly built state of the art Meditation hall is a piramid shape insulated, climatized and beautiful space for up to 100 people to meditate together.

These 3 meditations halls host a wide variety of workshops, trainings and events every season.
There is a professional kitchen with an outdoor food court that serves every day 3 delicious vegetarian meals made with local products, awareness and love.

There are 3 Rooms available for individual sessions and therapy where the OSHO Afroz therapists, bodyworkers, energy workers, medical doctor and other professionals offer their unique work.

Visitors in OSHO Afroz can choose between 4 options of accommodation:
a) Tent. They are provided by the center, placed in a beautiful field, under Olive trees, with shared bathrooms and showers.
b) Wooden hut. They beautiful, simple, natural and cozy huts spread all around OSHO Afroz property. The accommodation in a hut can be single or double. This option includes shared bathrooms and showers.
c) Stone room. Built around OSHO Afroz with their own fully equipped private bathroom, air conditioning, kitchenette. Optional for single or double accommodation.
d) Studio. A beautiful spacious room with 3 beds, kitchenette, private bathroom, Air Conditioning and terrace.
There is an art studio where visitors can express their creativity through painting, arts and crafts, music and more.

OSHO Afroz has countles spaces around its 7 Acre land where you can find domes, a creek, a chillout area and many hidden natural places where you can relax, meditate and play.

Throughout the season, Afroz experiences a multitude of informal and spontaneous creative activities held under the night sky in the Buddha grove or in the gardens.

OSHO Afroz offers a unique and special experience, an alternative place and way of vacation for a real recreation, rest & self-discovery, all in unique balance.

About Varidhi

Varidhi –founder of Afroz, first met OSHO in 1985, in Crete, Greece. It was a unique moment, meant to change his life forever. And it did…
4 years later, in 1989, a friend invited Varidhi to Eresos, in the island of Lesvos. He fell in love with the area and decided to buy a piece of land. The remoteness, the mountain surrounded valley and the beautiful beach seemed the ideal ingredients for a wonderful retreat. Sometime later, another friend visited the place and asked Varidhi to host a meditation group, the OSHO Mystic Rose. Despite all the practical difficulties (no electricity, no communications, etc, Varidhi said YES. During that Mystic Rose, Varidhi had a dream. It was a huge fireball that fell from the sky and landed under an oak tree that is in the land. And so it all started…It was 1994. Afroz means the one who is giving light…and YES has been Varidhi’s favorite word. And his final ….” 
(by Mahendra)

Deva Varidhi

22 July 1951  –  22 July 2012

Our Beloved Varidhi left his body in his birthday party, surrounded by family & friends, laughing & dancing the song “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” (Life Is A Carnival) at OSHO Afroz just a couple of minutes before midnight on 22nd of July 2012.

“His way of living and leaving (the body) has been an inspiration for all of us”

Since Varidhi left his body, a group of freinds that have been living inside and around OSHO Afroz continue to take care and hold the beautiful Buddha Field that has grown here for many years.