A journey Beyond Duality – Transcendental Mushroom Essences
with Omprakash K. Jaupi
Schedule: 16 Jun - 17 Jun


Transcendental mushroom essences

This is a journey into the depth of our being, tuning in to the oneness state of being from where we can face our individual light and  shadow, move towards the transcendence of them and become a more whole being.

Through our life we all have experienced or experience different emotional and mental ups and downs, from anger to love, from sadness to happiness, from insecurity to trust, from fulfillment to non fulfillment  and vice versa. In this workshop we are going to expose and be aware from where all these ups and downs rise, how can we transform them and stabilize ourselves into a transcendental state of being and become more whole.

The process has a meditative approach and our tools will be transcendental mushroom essences, meditation, self awareness, shamanic journey and energy healing.

The atmosphere of meditation, love, acceptance, compassion, empathy, innocence, trust and oneness will create a safe sacred ground through which we can let go of our fears, the things that holds us back, open up our hearts and experience the whole spectrum of our being.

Although this workshop is being considered to be the first part of the training with the transcendental mushroom essences, it has nothing to do with the traditional terms of training. It is an experiential journey into the inner spaces that these essences work, thus you will experience yourself their benefits, be transformed by them and then you can have an in depth experiential understanding about when, how and in which circumstances they can be used and also how to combine them with other therapeutic techniques.

After the workshop you will be able to bring more unity into your life, transform duality, walk through the light of awareness and become a more whole being.

This workshop is open for everyone that is willing to dive in to the depth of his existence and experience the whole spectrum of his being. Although some experience in meditation is required.


  • In this workshop you will experience and learn:
  • to move from duality to oneness
  • to contain, transform and transcendent the different spectrums of light and shadow.
  • To transform and let go of hidden things that are holding you back. 
  • To transform and let go of karmic bondages.
  • To transform and bring into the light parts of the self that are being held into the shadow of your unconscious mind. 
  • To use 20 transcendental mushroom essences.
  • To become a more whole being.
  • to bring grace into your life.


Few words about transcendental mushroom essences

Transcendental mushroom essences are vibrational essences which hold the etheric blueprint, energetic information and spiritual qualities of mushrooms, birds and crystals.

 Each one of them is a mixture from the etheric blueprint, energetic information and spiritual quality of a specific mushroom, bird and crystal.

They act as catalysts of inner balance and harmony. Have as main theme to help us bring in the light of consciousness and transform parts of the self that have been buried in the shadow of the unconscious, our inner pain body and the almost imperceptible way that they affect our way of being. To recognize and connect with the higher expressions of our being, to be able to balance our inner light and darkness, to transcend duality and crystallize our sense of self. 

They have come to help us utilize in a good way these intense times of transition that we are going through and guide us in a deeper harmony and self realization.

For their preparation have not been used any organic parts of mushrooms or birds and have not been harmed in any way the mushrooms, the birds and any part of the ecological system. Their preparation happens with the conscious participation and channeling of the consciousness of mushrooms, birds and crystals and for this reason they are completely safe and have no side effects.

All the transcendental mushroom essences are completely natural and handmade. Have been created as a result of inner guidance, with love and pure intention from Omprakash (K. Jaupi).



Omprakash K. Jaupi

Omprakash shares the experience and deep belief that every human being is a unique manifestation of existence that has within an amazing potential that is waiting to be manifested. He is the founde...

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