Awakening of Love
with Jayant, Mridu
Schedule: 28 Jul - 30 Jul

This weekend workshop is an introduction to the Path Of Love Process. While shorter in duration, it is a powerful opportunity for self-discovery and to connect deeply to your body, feelings and aliveness.

It has been specifically designed to take you on a safe, supportive journey to discover your path and meet the REAL YOU.

This is a wonderful opportunity to come together, heal, learn and grow. What it is about: discover the truth of who you are, and uncover the keys to living passionately, loving deeply, and being real.


Most of us long for intimacy, happiness, the confidence to live authentically and to find freedom from our fears and self-limiting beliefs. But for all sorts of reasons, we feel disconnected from who we are and live smaller lives than we want. We long for something more, but struggle to create change and break free from old, frustrating patterns.

During this weekend you can process past and current issues in a caring environment and discover your love for life … yet again!


We work with a unique blend of psychology and spirituality, involving; group exercises, meditations which have been specially designed, the power of authentic sharing, embodiment practices including breathwork, and individual guidance and support from highly trained and qualified facilitators. You will get closer to knowing your authentic self – igniting your passion to realize your true potential and to live with an honest, open heart.

Starting on Friday, 28th of July after Evening Meditation,
Ending Sunday, 30th of July around 17:00



is working with Path Of Love since more than 20 years and is leading Awakening Of Love since 15 years. He studied and is practicing therapy forms of many directions and schools, e.g. Diamond Logos w...

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is working with Path Of Love more than 15 years, has been assisting and co-leading many years in Awakening Of Love, she is trained as holistic counselor, massage therapist and many other qualificati...

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