Befriending Your Demons
with Satsanga
Schedule: 27 Aug - 29 Aug

Demons are blocks or obstacles which prevent us from growing. We meet them in our core beliefs: ‘I am not good enough’, ‘I am not lovable’, ‘I don’t belong’. They appear as anger, fear, jealousy, control, judgment, and comparison. They can come as a chronic illness or sudden disease. To befriend an unwanted or painful feeling and meet it in its deepest needs takes courage and guts. Normally we run away from it, or we numb ourselves. We hide it even from ourselves. Or we project it on others. Not to turn away from it but to turn towards it is an evolved work – for the ones ready to deep dive.

Meeting the demons paves the road to a form of radical self-acceptance and eventually self-love. Interestingly when we face our demons and find out what they really want and need, they lose their power. Once seen and brought to the light they can heal. They can even turn into allies. 

In this workshop we use powerful methods and insights to face and befriend our dark side. Some were given by Osho and some Satsanga has created herself after over a decade of deep involvement with shadow work. Painting and dance will at times be part of the process, to have a wider sensory understanding of the nature of our demons. 

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Deva Satsanga has been working with people from all over the world for the past thirty years. She loves opening new doors, finding hidden truths, and forgotten feelings and exploring life on a deeper ...

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