Advanced Rebalancing Massage Training – Module 3
with Rasal
Schedule: 10 Sep - 14 Sep

In this advanced 5 day course Rasal teaches how to understand, recognize, and work with the Neo Reichian body types (character structures), so that our bodywork becomes more wholistic, more comfortable, and much more efficient.


He will also introduce more massage strokes /assisted stretches, and review more core-muscle release techniques from the basic training.


The advanced level BDRM is for friends that have done the two modules basic training, and is mainly about understanding, recognizing the Neo Reichian character structures or body-types, and how to work with them in sessions.

Timings are from 9.30 to 14.00





At age 16 Rasal experimented with alternative lifestyles, and soon after began exploring life & the world by traveling. During a journey through India in 1978/79 he...

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