Bio Dynamic Rebalancing Massage Therapist Training
with Rasal
Schedule: 17 Sep - 28 Sep

Bio Dynamic Rebalancing is a meditative and therapeutic Myo Fascial release bodywork consisting of gentle and precise massage strokes, structural integration techniques, joint mobilization techniques, and assisted (Yoga) stretches to restore an ideal balance/alignment of the body, mind and psyche.

An inner journey to become a professional masseuse/masseur

A 12 day (70 hrs) intensive training to become a certified Massage Therapist in Bio Dynamic Rebalancing. A technique that originates from Osho Rebalancing and helps people come back into a natural state of balance to again enjoy the essential unity of body, mind and soul. Course leader Rasal has more than 30 years of bodywork experience and 22 years as a training facilitator.

The training gives a deep understanding of the magic and mysteries of the body, as well as the physical and emotional holding patterns that keep us from enjoying a natural, balanced life. It is for everyone who is interested in transformative bodywork, and of course also for those who would like to become a practitioner and make massage/bodywork their profession, or a part of their profession.

This course is for you who:

  • would like to explore conscious touch and skillful massage, and get real familiar with touch and your own body.
  • is interested in a professional career as massage therapist
  • wishes to develop your intuition and body awareness
  • wants to understand pain and stress in the body-mind structure and discover the ways of releasing and transforming them.
  • wishes to develop and feel more love and consciousness through the wisdom of the body, simultaneously learning basic methods to offer exquisite and effective massage sessions. It’s a great opportunity as well for every body-oriented, (spiritual) practitioner / therapist to expand and enhance ones knowledge and skills.

Rebalancing originated from the spiritual teachings of OSHO (Indian mystic)

During the mid 70’s when many seekers, among them therapists, healers, dancers from different back grounds visited the Ashram, Osho founded “Rebalancing” which under his guidance grew to be perhaps the most thorough and decent therapeutic, spiritual bodywork practiced on such a large scale world wide.

“Rasal is a clear and focused teacher, very passionate about this body work. He creates a very allowing space, inspiring us to go deep. Not only in giving massage, but also in receiving it. I experienced some profound physical and emotional release. – I recommend this training to anyone who is interested in body work, regardless of whether you would like to become an actual massage therapist or not” Merete

Main elements of this course:

I teach simple and efficient techniques to transform people’s bodies, raise their energy to a higher frequency, widen their consciousness, and remove the energy blocks in the Myo Fascia (connective tissue)

  • centering and grounding techniques
  • opening to deeper and fuller breath
  • presence through sensitivity of touch (conscious touch)
  • Myo Fascial stroke techniques – how to gain the most effect with the least effort
  • joint-mobilization (tragering)
  • assisted yoga stretches
  • using your body as a healing instrument
  • working on the extrinsic and intrinsic muscles (core muscles)
  • working with pain (bad backs, stiff necks, aching joints etc
  • relatedness of physical & psychological holding patterns and their release
  • working with emotional / traumatic release
  • form and presence: “being in your ‘hara’ center” and using your session as a meditation for you and your client
  • creating a session according to your client’s primary needs
  • body-reading and intuition
  • communication skills: meeting a client, relating verbally in the most effective and understanding way
  • integrating deep tissue work with gentle rocking, rolling movements, and assisted stretches


More information

The course is in English

Maximum number of participants: 18

Do you have questions about the training?

Please visit, or Contact Rasal, or Osho Afroz,


9.00am – 14.00,
15.00 – 17.00/17.15.
With some short tea breaks in between.
Day 6 is a whole day off
Night session on day 8 or 9 of the group.



At age 16 Rasal experimented with alternative lifestyles, and soon after began exploring life & the world by traveling. During a journey through India in 1978/79 he...

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