Biodanza Retreat – dance of life journey into 5 aspects of love
with Helen
Schedule: 02 Jun - 06 Jun

In this 5-day biodanza retreat we are creating an intense experience of celebrating life by dancing, moving, and connecting. Biodanza translates to dance of life and is a holistic system for self-transformation created in the late 1960s in Chile by Rolando Toro, a professor, artist and visionary.

The dance of life journey into 5 aspects of love is an invitation to drop the desire to perform or to follow a technique and to tune in with ourselves, with other people, and with life in our dance. We are invited to unfold our unique potentials as dancers and as human beings.

During the 5-day-process we will use music, movement and touch to (re)discover different aspects of this mysterious experience we call love. Each day is dedicated to one of the 5 lines of vivencia  (experience). In the line of vitality we embrace the experience of feeling alive, in the line of sexuality we strengthen our capacity of enjoying pleasure, in the line of creativity we are creating new possibilities, the line of affectivity focuses on opening our hearts and the line of transcendence invites us to unfold our potential of connecting to existence.

As the dances and exercises proposed in Biodanza are based on natural human movement qualities – and not on fixed dance steps or choreographies – the group is open for people with any level of previous experience in dancing and physical fitness. The role of the Biodanza facilitator is to provide a safe environment where we can allow ourselves to invite deep experiencing.

The Biodanza – dance of life journey is happening in the OSHO Afroz Meditation Centre, a wonderful place for a personal retreat. The Biodanza sessions are embedded in the centre’s daily meditations’ schedule. You have the chance to participate in the different meditations, enjoy the atmosphere of the centre surrounded by beautiful nature and also visit the nearby beaches and villages.



7.00 – 8.00 OSHO Dynamic Mediation


10.30 – 13.00 BIODANZA 


17.30 – 18.30 OSHO Kundalini Meditation

19.00 – 20.30 OSHO Evening Meeting


21.30 – 22.30 varying night events and/or meditations

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„My Dear Helen,

Four days of Biodanza lay behind us, one day in front of us. Tomorrow, the last day, probably the most special day? No, for sure not! I say a prayer and thank God as well as our great mother, that I took the chance to visit your course here on Lesbos. A very special almost holy place, wonderful surrounding, almost like Paradise. You opened my heart and gave me the entrance to for sure the most important theme of life: Love! Love through dancing. To be able to dance with friends in the “Rhythm” I knew a bit, but dancing “against the rhythm”, breaking chains doing movements against all odds with people you hardly know and falling in love with everything within your limit is something I never felt. Thanks for this, thanks for giving me those very special moments, for sharing me the “entrance”.”


“What is love, how do I find love?

Witth this question I have come and Biodanza has shown me many facets of what is love. Biodanza also has taught me to use my own tools for creating my life in a loving way. Biodanza has enabled me to invite myself to take good care for myself. Living in the Here and Now is the biggest challenge for me and the letting go of illusions. Biodanza is movement with joy, lightness, gentleness, power and spontaneity to get to know and understand better oneself and the life around. Biodanza gives us the space to meet human beings in an adequate way. It offers the experience to trust again in other people. Biodanza is a way out of the isolation into the community and through the community to find the way to oneself again. I often feel lonely. For me this is a way to not feel lonely any more but together. The touch is nourishing me. I love the freedom and space that Biodanza gives me to find my personal depth, to go into the processes. Biodanza is not forcing anything on you, it gives the freedom to go into it according to one’s own possibilities.”


“I came for an experience of Biodanza with an innocent attitude and leaving with the greatest gift that Life is offering us – feeling the connection with myself, with other human beings and Life itself. Now I know how good it feels and I can now also recognise when there is a lack of connection. I also learned to stay with the feeling without trying to do anything about it and see my pattern of sometimes trying to cover uneasiness of some sort with talking too much.  I also learned to trust what I feel and saw how disconnected I get (and how this disconnection feels) if I do not go with my intuition. 

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness.”


„Thanks to life, thanks to Biodanza, thanks to Helen! I had the opportunity to participate in a group of Biodanza in Afroz Osho Center, in a beautiful environment in open air! The experience is fantastic! Saying yes to life, saying yes to myself, saying yes to others! Looking at those eyes full of warmth, presence and joy! Dancing, exploring, having fun! Helen does it with enthusiasm, simplicity, lightness, with a real totality and respect! A big gift!“


„For me biodanza is a gentle way to connect with myself life and others.

While becoming aware of conditionings of the past and let them go, being one with the present!“


“With love and immense gratitude!!!

Some very good karma from the past led me to the biodanza demo organized at Osho Afroz and I was simply blown away by the liberating, exhilarating and relaxing at the same time experience.

Some even better karma led me to participate in the 5 day event and I can say that it was a life changing!!! 

At some point, the dance overtakes you, the dancer is no longer there and just the dance exist… It’s like life is dancing through you, it is using your body to enjoy its own bliss…

The body feels liberated, joyful, alive in a completely new way, the mind is quite, the feeling of belonging to a group gives a profound sense of peace…

Prem Helen is such a fabulous teacher, a skilful facilitator who enabled us to really dive deep into our beings and to develop a beautiful group of friends for life.

Forever grateful to Prem Helen and to existence for this amazing gift!“


„So a small review if the Biodanza group is that it opened my confidence somehow the first day by dancing and walking in that energy.

I somehow opened up to new ways of dancing in the group and broke up some patterns in dancing which opened up to more joy and playfulness .

I also very much liked the sensual and sexual part of it doe it opens my real confidence and raised my sexual energy and i could go deeper in it.“



Prem Helen Rupp is a Biodanza facilitator and didactic teacher certified by the International Biodanza Federation (IBF). From 2009 to 2012 she attended the Biodanza School SRT – System ...

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