Bodhi Medicine – The secret art of healing
with Dr. Nirdosh Kohra
Schedule: 02 Jul - 05 Jul

We have lived far too long under an old expired health paradigm, that is based on a false belief that the body malfunctions and gets sick, therefore we need to fix it and usually need someone from the outside to do it for us.

This leaves us in a state of dis-empowerment, fear and dependency on the medical doctor and other healers. As long as we live under this paradigm, anytime we feel a symptom, we will always follow fear and mistrust in our bodies, therefore going astray.

It is time to live in a new health paradigm, based on awareness, empowerment and responsibility for our body-mind-heart. It is time to finally understand what our body tells us with each sign or symptom it manifests, to realize that it is simply guiding us to a deeper healing and to reach our highest potential in life.

Bodhi Medicine teaches you the most integrative, updated and scientific approach to healing, bringing together the 5 Biological Laws, the best of conventional medicine, natural healing methods, nutrition and meditation, in a simple and comprehensive way that will allow you to listen and trust what your body tells you, to regain confidence in your own self-healing capacities and to use any imbalance that you had in the past or currently have to expand your consciousness, find emotional balance and strengthen your body.

This group will give you back sovereignty and autonomy over your health. You will learn how to attend any symptom on your own and also to make conscious and relaxed choices on the best healing methods for yourself or a loved one.

Dr. Nirdosh Kohra and his more than 20 years of experience in the field of conventional medicine, “alternative medicine”, nutrition and meditation, will share the core elements of the Bodhi Medicine System that will give you a new experience of empowerment, clarity and grounding in your body and in your health like never before.

It is an experiential workshop, full of updated information and tools that will help you step into the new paradigm of health. What you will learn can change your life, the way you treat your body, and the way you support others while they go through times of crisis.

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Dr. Nirdosh Kohra

Nirdosh was born in Mexico City, graduated as a Medical Doctor, traveled, experienced and trained himself in many healing and transforming techniques in India, Tibet, Europe, USA, and Mexico that allo...

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