Bodhi Medicine in life – Dealing consciously with times of crisis
with Dr. Nirdosh Kohra
Schedule: 28 Aug - 31 Aug

During the unique times we are facing globally, one of the most empowering things we can do is learn how our body-mind-emotions work as a unity and what are the exact triggers that can create imbalances in them, and eventually create symptoms or disease.


We are facing an unprecedented global health crisis that has taken most of us to our limits. More than ever, today we need to find an integrative approach to face this situation, which ideally includes meditation, awareness of our nutrition, personal relationships, contact with nature, nutrition, and our interaction with a conscious community. At the same time, it is incredibly supportive to understand how to handle this and other types of crises with solid, updated, and scientific knowledge around health, beyond what we have all learned from Conventional Medicine or what we are being presented from mainstream media.


This workshop is designed to bring all of this together in a safe, loving, and conscious environment. Dr. Nirdosh Kohra will share the most essential elements of Bodhi Medicine, based on more than 40 years of medical research and his personal experience in the field of Integrative Medicine and Meditation. What you will learn can change your life, the way you treat your body, and the way you support others while they go through times of crisis.


It is a theoretical and experiential workshop that will transform forever the way you think, feel, and behave towards your body and your health. If you work with people giving any kind of support for their health, this is one of the most enriching and supportive trainings you can receive.


Everybody is welcome to be part of this workshop independent of your professional background.


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Dr. Nirdosh Kohra

Dr. Nirdosh Kohra Nirdosh was born in Mexico City, graduated as a Medical Doctor, traveled, experienced and trained himself in many healing and transforming techniques in India, Tibet, Europe, USA,...

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