with Gramya
Schedule: 26 Sep - 29 Sep

5Rhythms is a dynamic movement meditation. It’s a free dance embodied practice aiming at increasing awareness and presence in the here and now.

Each of the rhythms represent one of life energies that will have a unique flavor for each individual. Dancing freely through the 5 rhythms is called a wave. 


We start with Flowing leading us to our feet, checking where we belong, what we value, finding ground that can be trusted. Second will emerge Staccato and will direct us out, into meeting the world. For some its simple and clear, for some tense, as it calls for our full yes, or our clear boundary. Chaos will face us with what we pretend to know, taking off the vails we use, asking us to clear the concept closet of old ideas, creating space for the next step. In Lyrical we might find endless possibilities that were hiding in the depth of the stuffy closet of concepts. Expanding us, surprising us, lifting us to break our own glass ceiling. When Stillness comes we have changed, endless times and can rest in the deep silence of the vast emptiness waiting us in our breath.

In this workshop we will work with change. I choose this theme. I’m not even close to pretending I know how to answer the basic questions about CHANGE. 


Can we truly change? – “I’m not sure

Can we stay the same? – “No, we cannot, but sometimes we do.” 

Can we choose to change or does life forces us to change? “Ahhhmmm, I’m not sure.”

What does change mean to each of us? How much we avoid it? or welcome it? 


Change brings many questions, we can try to answer some of them on the dance floor, listening to our longings and dreams, following our feet, noticing our resistance, watching what happens to our breath, checking deep inside to notice what scares us and when  can we choose a new way. 


What I do know, is that Change usually means breaking, a pattern, a habit, dropping some beliefs or an approach, forgetting about a concept or assumption we have about how things are or should be. 

All of those are child of the mind, rooted well in the body, with time. Often, even though, we deeply wish for the change, it’s not as easy as it seems. So many times, we have tried to fight the mind, with full determination. But the mind is a clever fighter, and it fights back in cunning ways. 


In this workshop we will take the time to embody the wish, releasing the chains and roots of the past choices, we will find ways to elude the flight, keep our energy and expand it so we can surface fresh and passionate about who we want to BECOME. 


26-29 September, every day from 10-14.



Being a nomad most of my life, in small manageable doses, I took on nomad life as my home rhythm about 8 years ago, right after meeting Osho. I left my quiet apartment, my secure job, and started s...

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