Changing Habits
with Anekant
Schedule: 06 Aug - 10 Aug


Most of our life is run by habits. They are the means by which we survive and thrive. We erroneously frame them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ which creates some confusion because habits are actually only functional or non-functional. Because most habits were manufactured in the past; a more relevant question is: does it get me what I want at this time in my life? This makes them easier to change.


Another important thing to understand is that it is possible to change habits easily; we do it all the time.

However, habits rarely change by conscious will power. Instead they need to be tackled at a more intuitive and unconscious level. There are certain principals that make habit changing more easy. This is the essence of this course. 


Some examples of habits you may like to change: biting fingernails, eating difficulties, smoking, emotional shopping or non-shopping, not going to the dentist, video games, watching Facebook, alcohol consumption, over/under working, lying and negative self-talk, to name but a few.  


‘Such a simple method which demands a little trust, a little innocence, can bring miraculous changes in your life.’

– Osho (talking about hypnosis)


SCHEDULE: a five day course – mornings only



Anekant is a bodyworker and therapist. His unique style is very pragmatic and is aimed at supporting people to resolve their life issues and allow them to move into more love, life and laughter. He...

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