Deep into the rhythms – In the eye of the storm
Schedule: 04 Oct - 08 Oct

5 days workshop 3/10 – 7/10 2021 

10:00 – 13:00 + 15:00 – 17:00  

5rhythms is a dance meditation practice, designed to allow us  explore our unique ways of relating to life’s energies. 

Flowing, stands for earth’s energy, our roots,  the possibility of receptivity and trust. Staccato can teach us about action, clarity and passion. In Chaos we can practice the quality of truly letting go.  

Lyrical, the energy of air, of creativity, luring us to expand to unknown territories. Stillness, holding space for us to simply be. 


As we dance through the five rhythms it becomes effortless to recognize our patterns, our ways of relating and meeting those energies on the dance floor and in our lives.

“The body doesn’t lie” (Gabrielle Roth) – our bodies don’t have an image to maintain and therefore can reveal and guide us to the gateways of our full aliveness. 

In this workshop, we will dare to jump into the storm. into Chaos. 

The past year have challenged us with nonstop Chaos, exploring it consciously, will guide us to actually relax into the eye of the storm. What is deters us from letting go? Loos control ? What if Chaos has lots to contribute to our lives? Can we find safety within so we can jump freely into the unknown? Join us to find out.  

“None of us is perfect”, “all of us can learn” is the clear massage of the rhythms. As long as those understandings guide us through the dance, we will provide change, the best conditions to occur.  

Let’s learn to hold space for our let go, and expansion will follow.

*No experience is needed, come as you are, with comfortable close, and a bottle of water.