Dissolve into Painting
with Nirvana
Schedule: 22 Aug - 24 Aug

A 3 day journey into the joy of creativity. An opportunity to awaken your energy and relax in the creative flow.

“A life with dance, art and creativity, is a joyful life.”

During the sessions we are opening the doors to our self expression, movement and colors take over, while we just let go of the mind, free our bodies and souls. Although there is space for sharings, we are putting in our canvas whatever needs to be out in a non verbal way, freely and without the filters of the mind.

In this workshop we embody our totality and spontaneous being through painting, music and dancing. Exploring the creative process like we do, is an active -and yet relaxed- way of experiencing meditation, with the right support and no goals.

Our way of painting has nothing to do with academic technics. No art experience is needed, as painting is used as a means for awareness. Our creative processes, dances and paintings resemble our resources and our unique power of creation, of being and giving Life.

Join for 3 days of colors, movement and joy!

* Schedule: 22-24 august
22/08 Opening Night session 21 – 23 hs
23/08 10.30 – 13 hs – 15 – 17 hs
24/08 10.30 – 13 hs – 15 – 17 hs

For more info get in touch with Nirvana or connect with info@oshoafroz.com

* No art experience is needed and all artistic material is provided. Just bring comfortable painting clothes.



Nirvana practices and shares Art Therapy since 2019. She was first trained in Osho Art Therapy in Pune. An artist, Osho Meditations Facilitator, Concious Dance DJ and also a Graphic Designer. She like...

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