Dissolve into Painting
with Nirvana
Schedule: 30 Aug - 03 Sep

During this 5 afternoons we will let colors take over, allowing mind, body and soul to dissolve while being guided throughout the creative journey. There will be movement, dancing, painting and relaxation.

When we bring dance, art and creativity into our lives we let our innermost being to be expressed, releasing whatever needs to be out in a non verbal way, freely and without the filters of the mind.

Through the dancing we will tap into spontaneity to be able to let go and bring our totality into the painting. Dancing and painting are both spontaneous creative acts. One movement happens and the next one comes along, no way to hold on to it, dance can only be done dancing! Painting too has this spontaneous quality, and if we allow ourselves to remain open, the creative process is pure joy.

No art experience is needed, as painting is used as a means for experiencing awareness and totality. Our paintings remind us of our unique power of creation, of being and giving life.

This workshop supports and is supported by “Soar into the unknown”, a 5 Rhythms Workshop led by Gramya, happening on the same days, in the mornings, just before the painting sessions. We highly recommend to join and combine both and experience self-expression and creativity at its peak with all its flavors.

Gramya and Nirvana will work together so that they support the participants in their own individual processes.
If you choose to join both groups Afroz will offer a special discount.

* No art experience is needed and all artistic material is provided. Just bring comfortable painting clothes.


Every afternoon, 14:45-17:15 @ Cosmos

Cosmos will be open from 2:45 to arrive and relax and the sessions start at 15:00 until 17:15.



Nirvana practices and shares Art Therapy since 2019. She was first trained in Osho Art Therapy in Pune. An artist, Osho Meditations Facilitator, Concious Dance DJ and also a Graphic Designer. She like...

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