Evolving Shapes
with Gramya, Camilla
Schedule: 05 Jun - 09 Jun

5Rhythms is a dance mediation, consisting of a wave of music assembled, anew every time, of 5 different rhythms representing different life energies. 

The wave gives us a chance to explore. How are we? How we feel in each of those life energies. At the same time, allowing us to be here and now, leave aside, for few hours a day, who we think we should be, our assumptions about how we should look or behave, and just be who we are. 


While dancing the wave, some dancers will feel at home in the first rhythm – Flowing, which is soft, round and feminine. Others might perceive it as boring or even annoying, for them, usually, the second rhythm: Staccato, is a relief. Its organized, there is a clear beat to dance to, its masculine and supports expression. The third rhythm – Chaos, will touch on areas in our lives that have no clarity, by bringing in confusion, not knowing, letting go. Asking us to drop the “I’m in control” mask that we schlepp around. Some dancers might freeze, some might have a ball. If we stay authentic, we never know how this will turn out, but we can explore in the safety of the workshop. The forth rhythm – Lyrical, can initiate us to shapeshifting, bringing up from deep inside us, endless possibilities of how to be, letting us fly for a while, till we safely land in the realm of breath, in the fifth rhythm of Stillness. In breath we can be one, we all breathe, it’s our common ground, it’s our connection to everything and nothing.


Life is evolving constantly, and we evolve with it. 


From babies to kids, from roundness to lines, from being the center to walking away. Practicing turning from our back to our stomach and soon after leaving the house running through the door.  

As kids we master drawing lines, where to stay, play, have fun and when to run. Evolving doesn’t stop, teaching us how to bring circles into lines, add some angles and paint our confusion of becoming a teenager. 

Some of us, choose to stay long dwelling in not knowing what to become. Others take a line and follow it till they die, never looking back at what could have been. 

Finding safety in letting go, taking the time to master this art of surrender, in which we allow life to show us where our seed has a chance to grow, how much trust will be needed, how long till the fruits will bloom. 


5Rhythms has many maps or points of view to experiment with the rhythms. In this workshop we will work with shapes, with how they evolve from one to the other, just like the life cycle.

We will dance with shapes, we stay round, circling for a day, staying close to our bellybutton, rechecking who we are, grounding and rooting. 

Then we venture out of the circle into a line directed out. On to the world. We dance our needs from others, our hunger for achieving. Attempting at making our expression clean, knowing our YES, trusting our NO. Making lines and angles our mother tongue. 


Growth will make all of it messy, when circles and lines can or can’t be visible any more, when evolving has turned into a tango with not knowing. ‘Who we are’ have dissipated. ‘Where to go’ is a question mark. In the workshop we will explore how to remain with this energy. Maybe we can let it lead us, to that moment when the spark appears, when our energy yields a direction. Where surprises are born. Can we follow? do we dare? Jumping ahead of ourselves in thin air. If we go through, if we soar … we will eventually land in deep silence, complete, whole and deserving rest. 

After dancing the mornings, each day in the afternoon, we will bring the shapes we found in our energies and bodies outwards onto paper, clay and canvas. Expressing first through dance and then through art creates a mirror, as we leave traces of color in a brushstroke, a line, a circle, we make our inner process visual, concrete. Creating an opening to allows us to see that all of it – wildness and flow, stuckness and frustration, joy and exuberance, each have their own language and beauty, they are all part of the whole.


05-09 June 2023 

Each day 09:30 – 14:00 and 1530 – 18:00 



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