Family Constellation and Trauma Healing
with Svagito
Schedule: 03 Sep - 05 Sep

Everyone grows up in the energy field of a family and as social beings we continue to live our life in a relational field. In this context we often experience hurt, loss, violence or other traumatic events that damage our natural sense of safety and trust. Sometimes it becomes difficult to repair such wounds on our own. 


Family Constellation is a very effective methodto penetrate to the roots of bonding and collective trauma and what serves healing. A constellation reveals how weunconsciously repeat and re-enact traumatic experiences of our ancestors, and then shows us ways of moving beyond such deep bonds and grow towards conscious love. This strengthens our ability to relate with others in ahealthier way and start living our own true potential. Coming on contact with authentic love gives us the courage to follow our life path.



Svagito will also share his professional and personal experiences in dealing with trauma and participants will have the chance to work individually within the group. 



Svagito has 40 years practical experience in working with people in the field of personal development, therapy, health and education. For 35 years he has been leading his own training programs, specia...

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