Greece Tantra Holiday
with Abhika
Schedule: 23 Jul - 29 Jul
Dreaming of the best vacation of your life?
Rejoice and recharge your batteries, combining Tantra practice and meditation by just chilling out with friends at the most magnificent beach of Lesbos island, Greece.
* International community of like minded
* Daily Tantra and Meditation practices
* Ecstatic Awakening Breath and Bodywork
* Tantric Massage
* Tantric Parties
* Love Temple and Tantric rituals in the evenings
* Rest & beach time.
* Amazing Nature, crystal clear sea
* Healthy organic local cousin.
How will our days look like?
7am – 8am Dynamic Meditation
8am – 9:00am Breakfast
10am – 1pm Tantra or tantric massage sessions
1:30pm – Lunch
2pm – 7pm Beach time, chilling
7pm – 8:15pm Evening Meeting Meditation
8:30pm  Dinner
9pm – 11pm Tantric Parties, Live concerts or Rituals
11pm – Love temple
Tantra Kashmiri tradition
Authentic relating
Work with inner feminine and masculine energy
Tantric massage
Ecstatic dance
Osho meditations
Svarup – Sexual Deconditioning, Tantra
Abhika – Tantra, Meditation, Celebration
Kaifi – From Separation to Unity
Mridu – Ecstatic Dance
Rasal – Body work
Rishi – Live percussions, Trance dance
Premal Madina – Temple of Feminine
Asti – Conscious Touch, Osho meditations
And more…..
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antrica, Meditator, Family Constellation therapist and Tango dancer. "Studying Tantra for almost 20 years, I found answers about the nature of femininity, sexuality, love and spirituality <...

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