Healing Journey
with Devo, Sarvesh
Schedule: 28 Aug - 28 Aug

This is a continuation of the Turkish-Greek healing event that we did last year. When it came to me to present that happening, I did not know where it would lead. It felt as if we opened a window to that immense field of pain and grief.


So now this year we continue this exploration by opening a door….                                                                                         The idea is to open this workshop to all those who has suffered discrimination and violence, because of their Identity,. Be it ethnic, religious, social or racial. No matter their origin, descent or lineage. We use the outside facts as a trigger and we work with whatever happens inside. Anybody can come.

If we look inside ourselves we come to realize that a lot of the pain we feel, a lot of the grief we carry, is not our individual grief. It comes from the collective unconscious of the group to which we belong, and or, of the group into which we are born. Therefore it is believed that we carry the pain and the grief that comes directly from a big line of our ancestors.

In my feeling, everything we face in this life, be it pleasant or unpleasant, it has come to show us a part of ourselves and to teach us something. There is a pearl hidden in the mud as Osho says. Therefore to get that pearl or to learn that teaching, we have to work with, to acknowledge, address and express that pain. For the healing to happen, it has to happen in the here and now, even though it is very possible it’s coming from the past.


Only when we honor and accept responsibility for this pain with love, can we evolve and bring healing into our life, into the imprint of our ancestors in ourselves, and as a result allow this energy of our ancestors to rest in peace. The tools we use are based on the principles of Family Constellation and Ho’oponopono. We shall also include some structure of the AUM meditation




Devo -Minas Symeonoglou- leaving aside his career as a lawyer went to India and became a disciple of the Mystic Osho.  Living in Osho communes in India a...

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Sarvesh - Spiros Marinos is a 4D Dream Coach® & Mentor and co-founder of Dreamers’ Way. He studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University and has worked as a manager for 24 years...

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