Kashmiri Tantra Massage
with Abhika
Schedule: 01 Aug - 02 Aug

Kashmiri Tantra Massage is more deep than other massages as it firmly initiates a stream of vitality through explicit body position (asanas). This isn’t just any other regular massage but a deep spiritual ritual and therapy. Kashmiri massage is a deep healing process where awareness, meditation and sensuality merges together. It awakens your heart and provides you strength, confidence and inner bliss,  unites the body as a whole and brings a feeling of oneness.


Through this massage a deep felt desire to let go and surrender are realised. It creates a profound relaxation. You feel connected, rooted and centered, vital and powerful. The massage will touch you in many ways and the effect can last for days.


Kashmiri Tantra massage teaches you how to harness your own energy as a human being, and helps you access new dimensions of yourself.


Important information:

– This massage is done on the floor.
– You don’t have to be an experienced tantric practitioner, but it is recommended that you have previous personal growth experience.
– This workshop is open to singles and couples (respecting the privacy of the couple who can decide whether or not to work together).
– You are always free to choose the level of intimacy you want to share with others.



antrica, Meditator, Family Constellation therapist and Tango dancer. "Studying Tantra for almost 20 years, I found answers about the nature of femininity, sexuality, love and spirituality <...

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