Manifesting the True You
with Omprakash K. Jaupi
Schedule: 22 Jul - 26 Jul

Manifesting The True You workshop is all about you meeting with the true you! It is a journey where you rediscover your authentic self and manifest it in your life! What is really missing from our life is our true self and our authentic vision!


This is a journey where you are going to dive in to the unique nature of your spirit, to the drop of the universal consciousness that you are. You are going to recognize and connect with the specific quality of your spirit. With the gifts, the talents and the true inner values that you have come to bring in this life.


You will choose an area of your life that you are not experiencing fulfillment and will align it with the vision of your spirit, allowing your heart to shine bright and lead you towards fulfillment. You will harmonize your unconscious, conscious and hyper conscious with your spirit, your heart and its true vision and will open the pathways for its manifestation in to your day to day life. 


As you will be awakening to the uniqueness of your spirit, you will be able to make a clear distinction between your true being and the personality, the pain body and shadow self. You will recognize the way that they have been interfering in your life, embrace, heal, transform them and become a more whole and integrated being.


The whole journey is created, supported and guided from the training and the experiences of Omprakash in Native American spiritual traditions, n.l.p, meditation, energy healing, flower – butterfly and mushroom essences, the higher spheres of consciousness and foremost from the amazing potential of your spirit which will be fully expressed in the sacred environment created from our hearts and our pure intentions!


In this journey you are going to:

  • Awaken to your true inner self.
  • Recognize and reconnect with the specific quality of your spirit, gifts, talents and your true inner values.
  • Connect and realign your unconscious, conscious and hyper conscious with your spirit and its vision.
  • Clean your energy field from parasites and negative imprints.
  • Embrace, integrate and balance parts of the shadow self.
  • Heal and let go of the past.
  • Learn to perceive reality through the perception of your spirit and make decisions that lead you deeper and deeper into your true path, love and fulfillment.
  • Open the pathways for the manifestation of your spirit, your heart and its vision.
  • Connect your spirit and its way of being with your everyday life.
  • Learn how to be more of who you really are and be aligned with your true vision in your everyday life.


This journey is open for the people that have the calling to awaken to their true self and create a conscious life.

I will be happy and honored if existence makes it so we can meet and travel together in this profound journey!



Omprakash K. Jaupi

Omprakash shares the experience and deep belief that every human being is a unique manifestation of existence that has within an amazing potential that is waiting to be manifested. He is the founde...

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