Meditative Freediving
with Dhyana
Schedule: 02 Sep - 04 Sep

Meditative Freediving

Let go and dissolve in the silent depths of the ocean


Have you ever experienced deep silence under water? That moment where gravity disappears, and you are floating, melting, becoming one with the ocean like a fish.

Being in the mother’s womb, we were already immersed in water; floating underwater is natural for human beings. We relax so deeply in it that we can let our fears and worries dissolve, and become eternal, limitless, infinite. 

In this 3-day course we will explore the magic of being under water. We discover the state of being silent and patient, yet absolutely alert. 

Because our lives depend on it, we become totally alert, awake. 

Yes, going under the water and holding our breath for as long as we can is a challenge; and at the same time, an opportunity to move into meditation. We bring awareness to everything that is happening inside and out. In a safe protected atmosphere, we will have space to look at what comes up; such as fear, expectations, the goal-oriented mind, the feelings that are behind resistance – it may be something different for each individual.

This course is an introduction to the principles of Freediving. Together with a certified instructor you will learn the basics of breath-hold diving and the breathing technique used for preparation. 

To support the practice of diving with the element of awareness, we will use different meditation and mindfulness techniques as well as time to share and integrate your experiences.

This course takes place in the facilities of OSHO Afroz and in the open water.

Full equipment and boat service included.


“Bondage does not come from other people; it comes out of our own fear, a fear of life. And life is dangerous so the fear is natural. But still one has to go in spite of all fears, because life is dangerous but infinitely blissful too. The greater the danger, the greater the risk, the more is the possibility of bliss happening. Bliss exists only for the gamblers, those who can stake their life for it. Bliss is not for the businessman. He is too clever for it, too cunning, too interested in survival rather than in living, too interested in the standard of life rather than in life itself, too interested in protecting and defending rather than being open, vulnerable, insecure.” 

Osho, The sun behind the sun behind the sun, Chapter #7



Dhyana Vargas (born in Colombia, based in Berlin) loves sharing her passion for meditation, movement and awareness. She became a certified meditation facilitator in Ber...

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