Energy Reading Training – Module 1: Opening to your Intuition
with Nadeen
Schedule: 04 Jul - 06 Jul

A 3-day course full of self exploration, surprises and passion towards discovering your own truth.

This 3-day course is designed to discover and support the innate gift of our intuition, it will help us to get more distance from the mind, to see more clearly,  and find the courage to follow once own path.

We will learn how to access intuition and find trust in our hearts intelligence.

A essential part of this course is a training of the ancient, tantric Technique of  Synchronicity.

This simple technique will help to open ourselves towards living a more fulfilled life. It is also a essential tool in relating and useful for those who are working with people.

We will spend the days with Creativity, sharings and deepening our self exploration through the use of different meditations and structures.

This course is the initial step towards an Energy reading training and it will include an introduction into the consciousness of the Chakras which was introduced by Osho.


10am – 1:30pm


Spontaneous night event.



Nadeen is known for his warmth, presence and his ability to guide people deep into the inner world where they are encouraged to find their own answers on whatever quest...

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