Osho Holistic Massage Training
with Asupta
Schedule: 28 May - 06 Jun
”Massage is to come to a rapport with the aliveness of somebody else’s body to feel where it is missing,to feel where the body is fragmentary ant to make it whole…to help the energy of the body so it is no more fragmentary, no more contradictory.When the energies of the body are falling into line and become an orchestra, then you succed.
So be very respectful about a human body. It is the very shrine of God, the temple of God. So with deep reverence, prayer, learn your art.
It is one of the greatest things to learn”.
Osho: Dance Your Way To God.
The Holistic massage relaxes and releases our body from the tense(physical and emotional) that is created from the unnatural life style.
It helps the good functions of all our systems (circulatory, muscular, lemphatic, nervous, endocrine) reset our body into natural health.
In this training we will use the techniques of contact with the natural body (pressures, strokes, movements for the release of the locked energy) aimed to the restoration of recent and long term damage. Also the training will be supported by meditation practice physical and energetic exercises. The training can be attended by people who have no experience of massage. Moreover, for professionals  who want to require an enriched approach into the meditation space according to the way they already practice.
Duration of the training 10 days.



Prem Asupta Mikelia Legatou was born in Chios island, Greece, in 1957 where she lives and works. Since 1984 her main occupation is ceramic art and occasionally she takes part in theatrical plays. ...

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