OSHO No-Mind Training
with Adhiraj
Schedule: 15 Jul - 21 Jul

A 7-day Experiential Facilitators Training

During these 7 days you will combine your love for the OSHO No Mind Meditative Therapy with the skills of being a facilitator.

As you learn more about the meditation and how it works, you deepen your connection with the process and at the same time can become certified to facilitate it.

You may decide to participate simply to expand your own experience of meditation through this revolutionary process and it is an ideal training if you’re already a facilitator or want to become one.



Each day starts with the OSHO No Mind Meditative Therapy. Then, after a break, the training proceeds for 2 more hours.

The OSHO No Mind starts with one hour of ‘gibberish’ (a ‘language’ you don’t know!) followed by one hour of silent sitting. In the first hour, gibberish is a powerful tool to empty the mind of all “the garbage”, allowing a more profound silence to arise in the second hour.


Meditative Therapies:

Meditative Therapies were created by Osho, who designed them scientifically for the modern man. They represent a breakthrough in meditation, a way of speeding up the process of connecting with your natural state of being.

Meditative Therapies are processes for freeing up the energy, renewing vitality and creating the space for silence. The Meditative therapies work energetically, bypassing the conscious, analytical mind. They are therefore clear, pure processes in which you connect directly with your own energy.

All stages are a combination of meditation and therapy: meditation, as it is a moment-to-moment encounter with yourself; and therapy, as you break through your conditioning by bypassing the analytical mind.

Day 1 @ 10am – 12pm process
Day 2 – 7 @ 9.30-11.30am process 12-2pm training.
Day 7 also 3-5pm.



Adhiraj has a university degree of Bsc Law/Psychology.  He is an Osho Therapist trained in the Osho Multiversity in India.

  • Osho Meditation Facilitators Training
  • Osho Akashic Buddhafield
  • Inner Alchemy of Relationships
  • The Natural Man Process
  • Death and Celebration
Leads groups and gives individual sessions in Greece, Italy, Polland Croatia, Czech Republic, Brazil, Mexico, China and India.
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