Osho Vipassana Retreat
with Anekant, Satsanga
Schedule: 26 Sep - 30 Sep
Seize the rare opportunity to experience this Osho Vipassana Retreat. The process is supported by the sense of tranquility which  naturally occurs as  the Oshoafroz season comes to an end. It is the perfect time and place for moving inwards. Our normal lives have become very noisy. Constant communication, information overload and relentless advertising do not allow our deeper truths to come to the surface. 

The Osho Vipassana Retreat creates a sacred haven in which it is possible to experience deep peace. This simple process brings insight into the intricate patterns of our life’s journey.  By cutting off from that incessant noise you create the opportunity for your inner voice to be finally heard. Prepare for a life changing experience. Be passionate and compassionate about moving deeper.  Let yourself be guided. To sit silently is a profound experience. Come.

7 am -8 am Osho Dynamic Meditation
10 am – 1 pm Silent Sittings and curated Osho Quotes
2:30 pm – 5 pm Silent Sittings
5:30 pm Osho Kundalini Meditation
7 pm Evening Meeting
9:15 pm Night Meditation



Anekant is a bodyworker and therapist. His unique style is very pragmatic and is aimed at supporting people to resolve their life issues and allow them to move into more love, life and laughter. He...

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Satsanga has been traveling the world facilitating workshops, trainings and events on 'Inner Man, Inner Woman' and ...

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