Soar into the unknown
with Gramya
Schedule: 30 Aug - 03 Sep

5rhythms is a dance meditation practice, designed to support us in exploring our unique ways of relating to life’s energies.

Flowing, connects us to soil, allowing roots to grow, learning fluidity and trust. 

Staccato’s energy can show us how we relate to others, our needs from them and our possible offerings. 

Chaos can guide us letting go of the known, teaching us what is our place in community. Lyrical, is about expansion, flying beyond the known into thin air, creating and recreating ourselves and the world. 

Stillness, closes the cycle, by letting it all dissipate, clearing space for a new start. 

As we dance through the five rhythms it becomes effortless to recognize our patterns, our ways of relating and meeting those energies on the dance floor and in our lives.

“The body doesn’t lie” (Gabrielle Roth) – our bodies don’t have believes and reputation to maintain. Therefore, it can reveal and guide us to the gateways of our full aliveness. 

In this workshop, we will learn to fly, luring our soul to touch the sky and come back expanded.  Allowing the shapeshifter to lead us towards new realms of ourselves.  Looking inside for the artist, the creator, being fascinated about who we are. On the way we will meet everything that holds us back, every part of our body that dreads the flight, that prefers us small and ordinary.    Bring your broken wings. 

“None of us is perfect”, “all of us can learn” is the clear massage of the rhythms. As long as those understandings guide us through the dance, we will provide change, the best conditions to occur.  

*No experience is needed, come as you are, with comfortable close, and a bottle of water. 

Schedule: Everyday from 10.00 am to 02.00 pm



Being a nomad most of my life, in small manageable doses, I took on nomad life as my home rhythm about 8 years ago, right after meeting Osho. I left my quiet apartment, my secure job, and started s...

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