Spirit of a Man
with Praful Saracino
Schedule: 14 Jun - 18 Jun


Spirit of A Man is a retreat for men.

Whether you are a father, brother, husband or single, this is your opportunity to take a step back from day-to-day life demands and activities and immerse yourself into a safe container of relaxed confidence, trust and understanding, created and held by men only.

An invitation to dissolve the fear, doubt and insecurities that have been holding you back from living a truly fulfilling life and to become the solid, relaxed and confident man that you always knew you could be.

A space to foster a deeper connection to yourself and other like-minded men, reawaken the conscious masculine and heal your wounds by getting in touch with deeper feelings.

An opportunity to reinforce innate qualities of commitment, authenticity, strength, direction, purpose, meaning and determination.

Are you ready to take the next step on the path of self-discovery and healing? To face yourself in a new light and be seen by other men on the same journey? To embrace and celebrate being a man in today’s world?

Now is the time!

This retreat is for you if you’re longing to…

*  connect with yourself on a deeper level;
*  enjoy the company of other like-minded men in a safe and supportive environment;
*  break free and release things that no longer serve you;
*  find a sense of purpose and direction for your life and make a  commitment to live it;
*  challenge yourself and take a deeper look into who you are;
*  level up the relationships in your life;
*  reconnect to your innate potential;
*  understand and integrate your masculine essence.

In this 5-day experience we will work with powerful meditations, sharings and rituals to discover the enthusiasm, joy and deep support that result from men sharing themselves with one another.

We step into this space as individuals and emerge as a brotherhood!


Praful Saracino

Praful is a Path of Love Leader with a deep grounding in meditation, an enduring love for truth, and a strong passion for life.  His love is to serve, and he gives totally, with all his hear...

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