Spirit of a Woman
with Rupda
Schedule: 14 Jun - 18 Jun


Spirit of A Woman is a retreat for women.

Whether you are a mother, sister, wife or single, this is your opportunity to take a step back from day-to-day life demands and activities and immerse yourself into a safe container, created and held by women only.

An invitation to challenge your self-belief of ‘not being good enough’ and to transform the competitiveness towards other women into sacred support.

A space of full permission to be in your power and your vulnerability, to embrace your femininity and feel supported by the feminine.

An opportunity for you to get to know yourself, to play, to open up and show yourself, to reconnect to your feminine essence and to shine. In abundance.

Are you ready to take the next step on the path of self-discovery and healing? To face yourself in a new light and be seen by other women on the same journey? To embrace and celebrate being a woman in today’s world?

Now is the time!

This retreat is for you if you’re longing to…

*  reconnect with yourself on a deeper level;
*  heal in the company of other like-minded women;
*  break free and release the things that no longer serve you;
*  claim your space and find your voice;
*  learn how to respect yourself and honor your boundaries;
*  remember and nurture your pure, wild, untamed side;
*  feel safe in intimacy;
*  love and self-love.

In this 5-day experience we will work with powerful meditations, sharings and rituals to guide you towards a deeper relationship with yourself and embody your feminine essence.

We step into this space as individuals and emerge as a sisterhood!

Men and women are connected through the common thread of existing within a human experience. Being can be experienced as a dull sensation of complacency and routine OR a vibrant sensation pulsing through our veins, reminding us to be present, in our bodies, here and now. The choice is yours!



Rupda has lived in Europe, India, USA and Australia. Today, she works with people around the globe in areas of conscious leading, self-leading and self- development. She has spent over 45 years dedica...

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