Sufi Meeting – Diving into Sufism
with Devo
Schedule: 23 Aug - 24 Aug

Sufism is an ancient way of melting with existence. It flowered at the time of Jelalludin Rumi, the renowned Sufi Master, and transcends all religions and traditions. The aim of this  workshop is to take this expression “Melting with Existence” and experience it first within ourselves and then with each other, and  everybody else in our lives. Connecting with Mother Earth  and being well grounded we bring the energy to the heart and then everything follows. Zikrs ( Arabic mantras), whirling, breathing and sharing are some of the means we use to open the body to the Divine energy. This workshop is inspired by the love and teachings of both Rumi and Osho. 

Bring a pair of socks and a change of t-shirt



Devo -Minas Symeonoglou- leaving aside his career as a lawyer went to  India and became a disciple of the Mystic Osho. Living in Osho communes in India and Oregon has ...

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