Sufism – The Emptiness of the Heart
with Devo
Schedule: 25 Aug - 27 Aug

Basically there are two general paths that reach to the state of Oneness. One that starts from the heart and leads to watchfulness and another that starts from meditativeness and leads to the heart. The two states are complementary. To balance the journey we have to go through and experience each space, and this applies to all paths and ways.


Same is the case with Sufism. We start from the heart, exploring the space, opening the heart, melting the boundaries, and then we continue to the state of watcher and silence. In our culture we are accustomed to look at heart, as the place of feelings, emotions, and passion. So it comes as a surprise that, the deeper we go into the heart, we find ourselves into silent space, we  literally “drop into silence”.


The same is the direction and aim of this workshop, we explore the heart, we seek the melting with the Whole and then we go deeper to experience the state of Presence, what Osho calls “the Emptiness of the Heart”.                                                                          The space where we simply, ”are”, beyond identity and mind.


Zikrs, exercises, sharing, dance and whirling is some of the tools we use. It is not therapy and it is deep healing, we are the creators, with the blessings and guidance of the Beloveds Osho and Rumi 



Devo -Minas Symeonoglou- leaving aside his career as a lawyer went to India and became a disciple of the Mystic Osho.  Living in Osho communes in India a...

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