Introduction in Energy Reading Module 1: Synchronicity
with Nadeen
Schedule: 11 Jul - 13 Jul

Energy Reading – messages beyond words.

Synchronicity – like music and the desire to dance.


“Cause and effect is a scientific relationship, synchronicity is a poetic relationship.”  Osho


Deepen your sensitivity and clarify your intuition. Develop your ability to remain open and centered.


In this 3-day workshop we will explore ways to easily access the heart, to deepen our experience of oneness and to strengthen our ability to remain centered in the heart as we relate to others. The course provides tools that can be used for your own personal growth or in your work facilitating growth in others. 


Using painting and dance, we will explore the power of creativity to open the heart and use introspection with sharing in pairs or as a group to deepen our experience. We will also use various heart-based meditations, plus some guided meditative processes.


Synchronicity happens in the space of the heart when two people fall into energetic harmony – into oneness. In this oneness, all can be seen clearly and directly. 


To remain within the heart – open, present, and attentive – creates an atmosphere in which the heart of the other can also open. The effect is not causal. It is like music and the desire to dance. 



  • How to use synchronicity as a nourishing and healing technique
  • To maintain a relaxing, healing atmosphere around yourself at all times ( at all times you can leave out)
  • To fall easily into a state of harmony and oneness with yourself and another person
  • Ways of expanding and strengthening your heart space
  • To experience a deeper state of being
  • To communicate better
  • To enhance your ability to support your clients in their quest for freedom
  • And how to center yourself and connect reconnect with your own energy after a meeting


This workshop is the first module of the 3-part ENERGY READING TRAINING


Energy reading embraces our mental, emotional and ethereal reality. It can give us a clear view of the unconscious system of blocks and rigid patterns that have accumulated over time in our energy body. 


Seeing these blocks and patterns clearly, brings insight: 

Aha! Why am I wasting energy maintaining this tension? 

Spontaneous release results, bringing clarity and healing. 

A tool for transformation on the path to freedom.


The 3-part Energy Reading Training involves structures and meditations that support you to move beyond the mind to the being. Centered in being, we discover our innate ability to understand the world beyond appearance; at a deeper level of reality – as energy . This will allow you to move through life with more clarity and intelligence; and to start living more and more from the silence and joy that is your true nature



Nadeen Rössler is the director of the Osho Institute for Meditative Living and has worked as a session giver and facilitator for over 30 years. He is certified in Hypnosis (Childhood Liber...

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