Introduction in Energy Reading Module 1: Synchronicity
with Nadeen
Schedule: 11 Jul - 13 Jul

During this- 3day workshop we will go to the Heart Gym we will extensively strengthen and deepen the experience of the heart, its mysteries and the centre. You will learn how to synchronise yourself with someone else, a group or a higher consciousness. With this tool you become more available for others as well as  create a relaxing, supportive and healing Atmosphere for clients.


This practise will develop your centre, your sensitivity and intuition and it supports the quality of  your personal Life.


This workshop is an opportunity to:

– Learn how to use Synchronicity as a nourishing and healing technique

– Fall in a harmonious state of oneness with yourself and another person

– Practice how to expand your heart space

– Refine your skill of communication

– Enhance your ability to support your clients

– Experience a deeper state of being



This workshop is the first module of the ENERGY READING TRAINING.

 Energy reading is a technique used for clarity and healing that can help to bring understanding into life issues and unconscious behavior patterns. It is a tool for transformation on our way towards self realization and liberation.


Energy reading is beyond what the word says, the work includes the mental, emotional as well as the ethereal reality of ourselves. It can be a deep revealing experience which can liberate from past conditionings and energy blocks. 

The training process involves structures and meditations that support you to move from the mind to the being. Being in touch with your innate ability to understand the energy of the world around you will help you to move with more clarity and intelligence through life.


Who the workshop/training is for:

 This is an educational as well as personal development course. Whether you choose this as a personal development tool, or you work directly with clients in any form, this training will serve to be a tool in your daily life and work.


Previous experience in meditation is recommended.



Nadeen Rössler is the director of the Osho Institute for Meditative Living and has worked as a session giver and facilitator for over 30 years. He is certified in Hypnosis (Childhood Liber...

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