Tantra Open Spirit
with Rupda, Praful Saracino
Schedule: 21 Jun - 25 Jun

An integration of spirituality and sexuality

Are you longing to…

…question your limited conditioning?
…come out of hiding and embrace your vulnerability?
…explore the depth and beauty of intimacy?
…rediscover your sensuality?
…stand in full embodiment of who you really are?
…heal feelings of shame and humiliation and own your sexuality?
…learn how to honour your boundaries?
…celebrate your sexual energy as part of being alive?

Then this retreat is for you!

In our modern world we are more disconnected from our bodies than ever. Religious and moral beliefs have caused us to judge, shame, repress and/or deny our sexual energy and have distorted our view on sensual and sexual expression. We have forgotten what it means to be really alive. Present, here and now.

Tantra Open Spirit is a 5-day journey to yourself. It invites you to redirect your attention back to the sensations and feelings in your body and heal your relationship with your sexuality. In the safety of a loving and respectful environment you get to examine, explore, express, experience and embody your sexuality while being supported every step of the process.

Are you ready to meet what’s been denied in you?


“Giving myself full permission to embody my sexuality has been such a big healing”

“Inspiring. Delicate. Powerful.
Each of us, unique in this journey together, and yet, I’ve never felt so taken care of and so loved
in an atmosphere of deep respect and devotion.
Praful & Rupda help guide you and their approach is inspiring, delicate and powerful”.
“Do it! If there’s one workshop you do this year, let it be this one. Everything I learned about my sexuality, sensitivity and vulnerability has created such a deep intimacy in my life, both with myself and with my partner. I am alive again.”





Rupda has lived in Europe, India, USA and Australia. Today, she works with people around the globe in areas of conscious leading, self-leading and self- development. She has spent over 45 years dedica...

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Praful Saracino

Praful is a facilitator with a deep grounding in meditation, an enduring love for truth, and a strong passion for life.  His love is to serve, and he gives totally, with all his heart, to support oth...

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