Tantric Breath & Meditation
with Pushan
Schedule: 02 Aug - 06 Aug

With Pushan

Breathing is the link, the bridge between our physical body, our emotional and our energetic body. A deep rhythmic breathing is the foundation of a health organism, of a clear and focused mind and a vibrant body. Is what we named as an oceanic breath, mind and body interacting together in harmony and constant flow.

When we can breathe deeply we allow ourselves to welcome, feel, honour and embody our feelings and emotions in an open and spontaneous way; a deep breath will help us to get in contact with our aliveness, vitality, vigour, presence, creativity, intuition and compassion.

On another level, Breath is also the key to access a healthy sexuality; through our breath, our sexual energy can finally flow free from the lower energy centres towards the upper centres, open us to a total different experience of orgasm. In this experience, the orgasm is not only felt and located in the sexual organs but all over the body taking us in a deep level of let go and meditation.

Yes, unfortunately we have lost the natural and spontaneous language of our body.

Why we have lost the connection with our breath? Why we breathe in such a shallow way?

We came into this world rooted in our hara, in our belly, trusting and feeling safe in our body. Then in our journey to become adults and after years of education, social and religion conditioning, traumatic events, family issues we have learned in an unconscious level to use our breath as an emotional shock absorber. On one side, this unconscious strategy has kept us safe, on the other side, we have disconnected from our biology, from our true self and our real nature. The outcome is that we live a life with a constant feeling of disconnection, separation and neurosis.

In this workshop we will create a safe space to open up to intimacy, then we will use ancient and new revolutionary methods and techniques (breath work, powerful active meditations, trauma release exercises, conscious movement, healing touch) that will support us to reconnect again with the natural flow of our life energy and regain the hidden qualities we were all born with.

You will experience the healing dimension of group energy and receive a combination of eastern and western approaches to inner growth, relaxation and meditation.

The hidden qualities of relaxation can reveal new dimensions of compassion, intimacy, strength and vitality.

• Open chronically tense physical and mental patterns
• Open to the natural wave of pleasure
• Open to ecstatic experiences of wholeness
• Tantric keys & tantric meditations.
• Receive tools for expanding intimacy in your relationship
• Reconnect with playfulness, joy, creativity
• Realising and understanding how the body can contain pleasure
• Learn methods and meditation techniques to be supported in your day-to-day life
• Discover keys to bring fulfilment and satisfaction in your life!
• Connect to the powerful method to unite the Body/Mind through Diamond Breath!



Pushan has been in the field of body-centred therapies nearly two decades now. Beginning of his 30's after a deep existential crisis, he found the path of meditation and the breathwork to heal and to ...

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