The Colors of your Life – Paint & Play
with Camilla
Schedule: 02 Aug - 04 Aug

Creativity is a quality innate to all of us and every child is wildly, unapologetically and wonder-fully creative. And every child loves to paint!

At the root of creativity lies the quality of a sincere playfulness – sometimes called ‘being in the flow’.
As adults it can often feel as if we forgot this space, we are too busy doing ‘serious’ things.

Painting can help us to coax this creative playfulness out of its hiding place.
In group and partner exercises we can practice an un-serious way of creating, communicating, destroying and creating again. We can learn that painting is much more of a happening, than a doing – and that when the idea of “my creation” disappears, is often when we can experience the most joy in it.

While working with colors the canvas can become an incredible mirror – showing us, when it is easy for us to flow – and what can make it difficult.
When we allow ourselves to totally express all the emotions that are part of creation  (and of life)  on the canvas – frustration or fun, stuckness or sadness, joy, excitement or exuberance – suddenly we can see that they all have their own flavor, color and beauty.

In the 3 Day workshop we will experiment with different techniques through a fun and meditative approach, using our body, our senses, some dance and a lot (!) of color as tools.

Big and small canvases, colors, papers and all other art supplies are included in the price.

Please come in clothes that can get dirty.



Camilla is an artist, meditator and painting-workshop facilitator. From her childhood she has loved everything to do with colors. While working as an artist, she slowly became more and more interested...

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