The Essence of Fire
with Jeeval Margarita
Schedule: 31 Aug - 31 Aug

At this point in time we are at the threshold of a totally new chapter in life. Most of us are conscious of the big changes that are already taking place globally. 

Why this tremendous acceleration of events?

According to the Chinese Astrology, from the 4th of February 2024 we are entering a new 20year circle which underlines a totally new Era for humanity and earth. It is the era of Fire.

Fire is the element that expresses passion and spirituality. It is the source and the destroyer of life. The fire can illuminate, purify, transform, heat up 

and beautify!  

*What are the new tendencies and trends that the nature of Fire element is leading us to? 

*How these energies are going to be reflected in our daily life, influencing our work, relationships and health? 

*Which are the qualities we have to connect inside us, and which resources we are urged to develop or strengthen, in order to synchronize with the new era? 

*What is the role of the woman in the new society? 

*What is our destiny upon the Earth? 

This period is an awakening call and a reshuffling of new priorities in life!

The workshop addresses all those who wish to recognize the dominant energies  and tendencies of the new Era. 

The participants will receive important information for this coming 20year period, of how to align themselves to the coming changes and find the optimum way to protect or improve their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, for better relationships and stress-free material abundance.

The process is going to be enhanced with the Aura-Soma essences and supported by specific meditation techniques for the alignment of the “Light body” and the connection with the “Earth star”. 

One of the first steps in our evolution is to connect with the Earth star. It is a fundamental necessity to all ethnic people of the world. 


Jeeval Margarita

Graduated as an Interior Designer from Edinburgh Napier university; designing and creating “human spaces” for homes and offices since 1990.    Sensi...

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