The Power of Silence: A Reconnection Retreat
with Satsanga, Clare
Schedule: 26 Sep - 30 Sep

The power of silence is widely underestimated. With our intimate – and often addictive – connections to our phone, social media and all sorts of digital information, we have lost the connection to the deeper and wiser parts of our being. 

Meditation, silence and practicing awareness and watchfulness are the only bridges we have to accessing the treasure trove inside. Inner wisdom, guidance, intuition, bliss and a deep, clear understanding of the issues we juggle in daily life. 

We need to reconnect with the knowledge of our heart and the whispers of our soul. And this happens only in silence – when we disconnect from the world around. 

The Power of Silence is a rare and precious opportunity to tune in once again to the most valuable parts of ourselves. 

Supported by the potent energy of the group, a structured program of meditation and body-based movement and awareness, we will dive back into silence, with a loving and tender determination to come back to our true selves.

The carefully curated program weaves in and out of silent sittings, active meditations, guided meditations, night meditations and body awareness methods, which include gentle yoga, unwinding and breath. 

Please note: We are free of phones, and we stay in silence. All communication is redirected to our hearts and our souls. 



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Clare is a qualified Personal Trainer and Holistic Yoga Flow Teacher, who uses movement, meditation and conscious breathing to bring the mind back to the body, and the body back to earth. Using int...

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