Transformation with your Divine Self
with Nirupa Christopoulou
Schedule: 17 Jul - 20 Jul

In this seminar you will learn to receive advice and support from your inner guide (your Divine Self, your Being, your Soul). So that you can resolve the small and big challenges of life gracefully and evolve.

We will work with the embodiment of our human and our divine nature in systemic constellations. We will create a field that is held by the unconditional love, awareness and oneness of the divine as well as by the freedom, individuality and history of our personality. 

When we learn to equally appreciate our human and our divine nature the amount of self-love and joy of life increases immensely. 


It is a soft, juicy and meditative process which you will be able to practice in daily life. We will meet in the mornings from 10 – 13.30 o’clock so there will be plenty of time to enjoy the meditation program of Afroz and the beach.


Nirupa Christopoulou

Nirupa´s personal experience is that real transformation always comes out of the awareness, love and connection of oneself. There are different ways to get...

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