OPH Energy Path – Wake up your ENERGY
with Gayana, Avinash
Schedule: 20 Jun - 23 Jun

An opening to the non-material and to the magic of vibrating in the love frequency. Let yourself be embraced by this experience, smell its fragrance. This workshop activates a process that helps you to gain more confidence in yourself and in your feelings and perceptions and offers you tools to relax and center yourself in your uniqueness.

These days you will be able to get in touch with how much vital energy you live to allow you to see and recognize when and in what situations you waste energy in your life. To have more energy available means on the one hand that you can live a more healthy and joyful life, full of vitality, and on the other hand that you can create serenity and relaxation within.

This workshop also coincides with the first four days of the first module of the OPH basic training. There is therefore the possibility of continuing for another five days for a more in-depth research work on your vital energy. Energy, presence, center and love are invited to be lived through to the different meditations techniques from Osho Prana Healing and explorations around our energetic centres and auric field.

A doorway to meet you in presence and through energy awareness. 

OPH is a path in which you can rediscover your own vital energy and experience more freedom. In opening up to the energetic world, the robotic behaviors that are repeated in life and that create narrowing of the auric field, tensions and sufferings become apparent and conscious and can be healed.



Gayana is an international Teacher at the OPH Energy Path, initiating people into the universe of energy and in the training for therapists. She is a tutor in Metaphysical Structures and Pranic Con...

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Avinash is a group facilitator and therapist. He has trainings and certificates in Existential Tantra and Intimacy, O.P.H. – Energy Path – Prana Healing & Metaphysics, Path of Love Facilita...

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