Working with People – Counseling and Trauma Healing Special Skills
with Svagito
Schedule: 06 Sep - 08 Sep

In these three days Svagito will teach some skills how to work with relationship and couple issues in counseling or coaching and what to consider when dealing with people who suffer from trauma. One will learn helpful tools when working with people and at the same time can penetrate and gain clarity about personal issues, as our approach will be practice oriented. Svagito will give various demonstration sessions and participants will then have a chance to practice certain skills with each other under supervision. Personal questions can be presented.


Possible course topics:

  • Working with Relationship questions with different approaches
  • Principles of working with couples
  • How and when to encourage emotional expression
  • Understanding and working with projection, resistance, desire 
  • Learning to recognize trauma states and principles of trauma healing
  • Adjusting therapeutic interventions in cases of acute trauma
  • Differentiation between personal and collective trauma
  • Trauma as a doorway to spiritual growth 


The whole life…just a training for how to go back home, how to disappear. Because the moment you disappear,God appears in you. Your presence is God’s absence; your absence is God’s presence.




Svagito has 40 years practical experience in working with people in the field of personal development, therapy, health and education. For 35 years he has been leading his own training programs, specia...

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