Weaving Your Heart
with Sitara
Schedule: 19 Jul - 21 Jul

Three days to explore yourself and your creativity through weaving and meditation.

Weaving from the heart means that there are no strict techniques, no rules and no fear.

Meditative weaving, without goals or set ideas about creativity, allows us the freedom to play and discover our authentic expression through colours, materials and meditation techniques. Mistakes are not only allowed but encouraged – they are the key to creative expression!

In a fun and playful way, we will reconnect to the ancient practice of weaving, which used to be part of every culture and every household around the world.

The impulse and intelligence to create lives in each and every person and one doesn’t need to be a trained artist to create a wonderful piece of fabric. At the end of the group you will have created a unique piece of cloth that will be the expression of your essence, your being.

The cloth will be yours to take home and use as a wall hanging, sewn into a garment or as a meditation blanket!”


Schedule: only mornings 9.30-13.30.


To find out more about wuweiweaving you can visit www.facebook.com/wuweiweaving




Sitara loves the journey of self-enquiry and awareness, acceptance and love. She began her professional life as an environmental and social justice campaigner for 12 ye...

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