Zen Weaving: Freestyle Weaving as meditation
with Sitara
Schedule: 27 Sep - 28 Sep

Weaving is an ancient practice, bringing together body and spirit. Before textiles were made by machines, weaving was part of every culture in the world.

In this freestyle way, weaving happens without rules, restrictions or ideas about creativity. With just a few techniques as a basis, meditative weaving is happening from the the heart: there are no set patterns, no goals and no mistakes. Just pure freedom to enjoy what comes and to express with lots of colours and materials.

The impulse and intelligence to create is hidden in every person and one doesn’t need to be a trained artist to create a wonderful piece of cloth. During the course of the two days, through various meditation techniques you will explore your barriers to creativity as well as your original creative expression. You will create one or more complete pieces of cloth that will be yours to take home. You can then use your unique cloth as a wall hanging, sewn into a garment or even as a meditation blanket!

Weaving with playfulness, presence and freedom becomes a process to discover one’s authentic expression and ultimately one’s authentic self. An invitation to enjoy the unknown and to discover what originality and creativity really means for you.


Weaving Group Programme for day 1 and 2

Morning session: 9.30am – 1pm (assuming that is lunch time at that time in Afroz)

Lunch: 1.5hrs break for lunch (Depending what time is lunch break)

Afternoon session: 14.30 – 17.15

Evening session: 21.15 – 22.30




Sitara loves the journey of self-enquiry and awareness, acceptance and love. She began her professional life as an environmental and social justice campaigner for 12 ye...

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