May 29, 2022 - Devrim

Prem Asupta Mikelia Legatou was born in Chios island, Greece, in 1957 where she lives and works.

Since 1984 her main occupation is ceramic art and occasionally she takes part in theatrical plays.

In 1992 she was introduced to meditation and the healing arts through Reiki and Tai Tsi.

Since 1995 she was trained in healing and self-awareness seminars at the OSHO Multiversity at OSHO International Meditation Resort, Puna, India and in Greece.

Reiki Master – Meditational therapies (Mystic Rose – No Mind – Born again- Osho breath work – Holistic massage – Reflexology – Joint release – Ericksonian hypnosis – NLP Practitioner by The DVNLP (German Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Mikelia’s space for personal sessions, meditations, Reiki teaching and practicing, Holistic massage is called “GAIA – Meditation Center for Creative Arts”. She also creates through ceramic art.

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