April 4, 2022 - Devrim

Gayana is an international Teacher at the OPH Energy Path, initiating people into the universe of energy and in the training for therapists.

She is a tutor in Metaphysical Structures and Pranic Constellation facilitator, recognized by the A.I.P.O., association of holistic therapists in Italy.

Since 2009, she has been facilitating individual sessions and courses, developing over the years, her own work and teaching method. She conveys her intuitive sensitivity and personal experience in an atmosphere of simplicity, expanding the practice of self-knowledge and meditation as a basis for transforming the quality of life.

Gayana facilitates OPH groups and Training as well as Tantra and Conscious Relating workshops together with her partner Avinash. Their work and way of living as seekers, partners, parents and therapists have been inspiring and supporting people and organisations around Brazil, Europe and Asia.

Since 2012, Gayana and Avinash have been part of the team of therapists at Osheanic International, a meditation and therapy center in Brazil, working in the coordination of personal development programs and projects as well as living in the commune for 9 years.

She is trained and certificated in Existential Tantra, Relationship Dynamics – Learning Love Institute, Heart and Trauma Healing, Rebirthing – Conscious Breathing, Active Meditations, Ayurvedic Body Work, Body Therapy and Somatic experience- Intermediate level. Academic degree in International Tourism Management at London Metropolitan University, with a specialization in Business Management.

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