January 13, 2020 - admin_oa

Being a nomad most of my life, in small manageable doses, I took on nomad life as my home rhythm about 8 years ago, right after meeting Osho.

I left my quiet apartment, my secure job, and started some years of wandering around. Experiencing ways of life, I know nothing about. Learning along the way, how much my patterns are affected by my motherland.

I was born In Israel in 1962. In my lifetime (and long before) my motherland has known many wars, civil unrest, way too many terror attacks and the oppression of another nation. Growing up in this kind of surroundings had given me the impression that this world is violent and kindness to others is not a valid way of life.

At 56, on the dance floor, on a Mediterranean island, I had come to realize, that I no longer share this belief, with my fellow countrymen/women. I can quietly say to myself, that it is safe to be kind. I can be kind, and survive.

Dancing has been my medicine, my salvation, and my passion, making it easy for me to choose 5rhythms to bring myself to full expression, by becoming a teacher.

The training took me to many dance floors, hundreds of hours of dance, and exploration, 2 years of nonstop embodiment.

For me, dance is a gateway, a handy hearing aid to listen to my most inner self while avoiding the distracting noise of the mind.

I teach 5rhythms as a dance meditation, as the art of being present in the here and now. As the art of unveiling the self, to find love in our core.

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