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Dhyan Gulistan is passionate about finding ways to live a healthy, balanced and harmonious life. She has been traveling to North, Central and South America, Europe, India, Japan, China, Australia and other countries discovering hidden essential practices from each culture to maintain health. She uses methods to bring awareness on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level liberating past tensions allowing the person to live life with a new flow of energy.

Born in Greece, graduated in History, Psychology and Education from Oxford Brookes University, England.

Postgraduate in Methodology of Teaching by Profile Language School, Athens, Greece and has been working with children, teenagers and adults since 1992.

Instructor of the Science of Raw Food Nutrition and a Gourmet Raw Food Chef, Living Light International, U.S.A.

Co-founder of Conscious Nutrition (2007).

Certified therapist in Primal (Childhood Deconditioning©), Tantra (Sexual Deconditioning), Healing Adolescence, Transomatic Dialogue, 1st Akashic Process, Dream Dialogue, Past Life Dialogue, Oshos Diamond Breath, Osho Art therapy, Ayurvedic Massage for Women, Reiki Master, Craniosacral therapy, Detoxing and Somatic Experiencing©-Trauma Healing.

Certified facilitator of the Osho Meditative Therapies: Osho Mystic Rose, Osho Born Again, Osho No Mind and Osho Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to the Body Mind. (Osho Multivercity, India).

Facilitates Osho Active meditations, Osho Meditative Therapies, Women´s Circles, Individual and group therapy of Primal and Tantra, Reiki groups, Conscious Nutrition, Refreshing Life, Raw Food and Liver Cleanse retreats in different parts of the world.

Co-facilitates The Healing Adolescence Training, The Quest for Passion with Premartha and Svarup, a series of 10 sessions, Osho Afroz, Greece.

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