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Prem Helen Rupp is a Biodanza facilitator and didactic teacher certified by the International Biodanza Federation (IBF). From 2009 to 2012 she attended the Biodanza School SRT – System Rolando Toro in Berlin and has been enrolled in the European Biodanza didactic teacher’s training Didacta 2018/2019 in Italy and Portugal. She has participated in several specialized Biodanza trainings like Biodanza and massage/Contact education (2011/2012) Biodanza, voice and percussion (2012) and Biodanza with children and adolescents (2018).

Biodanza has been an inspiration for her personal growth and transformation and brought about a radical change also in her professional life. Coming from the academic field she enrolled in a one-year full-time dance training parallel to the week-end Biodanza school and started her yoga and meditation practice. While she successfully completed her Ph.D. on international migration, she followed her heart and committed to teaching Biodanza as a way of bringing more joy and peace to this world. Since 2014 she is a certified holistic non-medical practitioner working with the energy medicine system InnerWise, systemic card readings and ayurvedic breast care massage. She has also completed the OSHO meditation facilitator training.

She has been practicing Biodanza for more than ten years and teaching in different places in Germany and internationally since 2012.

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