Jeeval Margarita
August 13, 2023 - Devrim

Graduated as an Interior Designer from Edinburgh Napier university; designing and creating “human spaces” for homes and offices since 1990.   

Sensing the energy behind the visual impression of design, she started her research and study in Feng Shui and Geopathology. Parallel to this, her deep connection to colors guided her to study their magic potential and get trained as a Practitioner and Teacher in Aura-Soma, at ASIACT (Academy of Science and color).  

In 1995, inspired by Osho’s teachings and radical meditation technics, changed the course of her life. She left her freelance office, went to Pune and started her inward healing journey.

 Jeeval is working as a Feng Shui consultant, Teacher and Practitioner in Aura-Soma Color healing system and as a certified Facilitator in Systemic Constellation. 

She has been offering consultations and work on Feng Shui projects in Greece France, Germany, Majorca and Turkey. 

Parallel to this, she has written articles and made a series of talks for the Cosmote channel about Feng Shui, as a new approach in the concept of home and office Design.

*Creator of “Healing Spaces”- The recognition and healing of personal hindrances and life issues on the actual plan of the house, through the language of colors and the Feng Shui principles.

*Creator of “Trans- Chromatic Constellation” – Systemic constellation through the support and facilitation of color.

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