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Kimaya Carvalho (B.A Food Engineer) left the scientific researcher career, to dedicate to human development field and meditation. Since very early age, her inner quest took her travelled around the world exploring, experiencing and learning method of meditation and healing arts. She integrates various techniques emerged from Psychology of the Budhas, shamanic and esoteric science, Tao, Tantra ,Zen. Since 1991 she facilitates workshops and trainings at the OIMR, Pune-India, and Internationally. Her approach of working with people blends the natural wisdom of her motherland Brazil; with the science of the west; and meditation east; her groups open a space where inner transformation can happen.  She is trained  in OSHO Therapy & Meditative Therapy, Family Constellation, Zen Counselling, Centering &Hara Awareness©, Awareness Intensive, Avatar© Esoteric Science, Pulsation (NeoReich), Women`s work,  Tantra Essence ,Neo Tantra, OSHOSamamasati , an extensive bodywork & healing art therapies amount several other fields of human development and is currently training in SE ©.

Kimaya created the Essence of the Feminine Training, Tantra awareness program and Inner Alchemy . Her work and life have been deeply inspired by Osho, and her presence brings a unique flavour of depth and spontaneity


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