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Dance and movement have accompanied Mahí (Elena Mahí Pavlidou-Reisig) since her early childhood, leading her from a classical ballet training to contemporary and modern dance, and planting the seed of her fascination for awareness and coordination of movement, flow and lines. In her twenties, she discovered yoga as a wonderful means to energize and center her body and mind, allowing her to respond with calmness to the demands of her work as an architect. During her extensive yoga teacher training in 2012, she decided to finally integrate her passion for movement in her life professionally. Mahí is a registered architect (Berlin Chamber), certified yoga teacher (Hatha, Vinyasa and Hot Yoga) and modern dance teacher (ISTD).

Her training further includes meditation (incl. OSHO Active Meditations) and breathwork techniques, anatomy, Ayurveda, energy and chakra work. For over a decade she has been practicing yoga and has been teaching since 2012. In 2017, she co-founded MALU holistics together with Garuda Hallam, a collaboration dedicated to helping individuals reconnect to your body and relax their mind. 

Today Mahí is working as a yoga teacher and meditation facilitator, leading workshops and retreats mainly in Europe, while also practicing and researching in the field of architecture. For her, Yoga, when practiced at its fullest, becomes a way of living. Asana practice, the physical movement aspect of yoga, becomes a playful and joyful exploration. When practicing in this state of openness to outcome, the only motivation being playfulness, yoga allows her to access her truth.

Elena’s teaching style reflects her own journey through yoga and other movement practices. Coming from a very active past, where pushing beyond her limits regardless of damage was a given, yoga has taught her how to respect and honor herself through motion. It has enabled her to listen to and understand her body’s language both on a physical and emotional level.


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