November 21, 2020 - admin_oa

Nadeen is known for his warmth, presence and his ability to guide people deep into the inner world where they are encouraged to find their own answers on whatever question they come along with. He loves lightness and laughter as well as all ways that support consciousness.

He was trained in different bodywork and breath technics, Hypnosis , Esoteric Science, several The- rapeutic methods and Osho Meditative Therapies. Much of his Understandings are based on his par- ticipation and experimenting at different mystery schools. He uses his skills to respond to the mo- ment…

In his sessions and courses he has worked with peo- ple from all over the world and many cultural back- grounds. Nadeen supports the participants to trust their natural selves and to learn how to find a relaxed balance in all aspects of life.

Trusting and understanding ourselves liberates once life energy and potential.

Nadeen offers individual sessions, courses and trainings. 

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