OSHO Afroz Team
January 13, 2020 - admin_oa

The Afroz Team is part of the Work as Mediation Program (WAM). The WAM is for anyone who would like to explore living in an intense and yet relaxed way. The program creates a safe environment that supports meditation and celebration: a space in which every moment is an invitation to become aware. It offers an abundance/range of unique experiences such as sitting silently under the Oak Tree, coming together in the evening meeting or simply chopping vegetables with new friends. Work as Meditation gives you the experience and tools to enhance and deepen the quality of your life.

WAM is an invitation to jump into the mystery of life.  You will go wherever there is a need in the commune for 4 hours every day, 7 days a week. The experience is playful, yet grounded in reality. You may find yourself: working in the kitchen, digging in the garden, serving at the bar or cleaning rooms. Be ready to be flexible.


The focus is not the work itself: not what we are doing, but rather how we do it. The point is to be total in your awareness and playfulness while working. In the modern lifestyle, stress and work are almost synonymous. Working harder to get some benefits in the future has become the modern mantra: more money, more prestige or even more relaxation. We become so accustomed to this future-oriented mindset that we miss the present moment. We miss our lives.

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